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1What kind of outsourcing services do you offer?
Multi-channel customer service, data entry (accounting, database, product data...), virtual assistance for agenda management, admin tasks, customer file management...
2How does your employee selection process for outsourcing work?
In addition to the company's salaried employees, Dokatel is proud to have an extensive network of experienced freelancers who are ready to take on the challenges of any project entrusted to us. Each client can ask to validate the profiles proposed on his mission
3How do you ensure the quality of the work provided by your outsourcing service
Each mission is supervised by a manager and a quality coach who ensure that the objectives set and the quality of the results obtained are achieved.
4How does communication with outsourced employees work during assignments?
We have professional communication tools (HUB mattermost and teams), which allows us to create channels internally as well as with our customers. More rarely, but VoIP is also used by our employees on certain missions at the request of the client.
1How do you manage data privacy and security issues?
Our entire team as well as our employees have been trained on the new data protection regulations of the RGPD. Many employees working from home are equipped to limit the use of personal computers which are often connected to a public network
2How can I monitor the progress of my outsourcing assignment?
Each customer has visitor access to our call processing, data or prospecting tools. Weekly reports are extracted from our tools in order to organise callibration sessions with our clients.
3How do you handle any problems or complaints about outsourcing services?
Each client has a dedicated project manager, discussion channels are also opened with clients and team members working on the assignment
4How does your billing process work for outsourcing services?
An invoice is drawn up according to the hours worked and the rates agreed with the client. It is sent to the customer by e-mail with payment details (bank transfer or credit card). The customer pays the invoice at the beginning of the month, the extras are deferred to M+1.